UN Says Disasters Cost $3.8 Trillion in Crop Losses in 30 Years

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UN Says Disasters Cost $3.8 Trillion in Crop Losses in 30 Years
  • October 14, 2023
  • 11:30 AM CDT
  • Deborah Sherman

The United Nations agency has said disaster costs stood at around $3.8 trillion in damages to crops and livestock in 3 decades.

The Food and Agriculture Organization said the frequency of disasters has multiplied in the last few decades due to climate change and other political turmoil.

UN Says Disasters Cost $3.8 Trillion in Crop Losses in 30 Years

Disasters are causing unprecedented levels of damage and loss in agriculture.

Investing in #DisasterRiskReduction and #AnticipatoryAction can reduce and mitigate the impact of disasters and protect our agrifood systems.

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— Food and Agriculture Organization (@FAO) October 13, 2023

Report Sheds Light on Food Insecurity

The report titled “The impact of disasters on agriculture and food security” is the first-ever international assessment by the agency highlighting food insecurity.

The report said humans lost around $123 billion annually due to disasters.

Asia was considered the most affected region globally, amounting to 45% of the total loss in agriculture and livestock.

Report Outlines Three Priorities

The report also mentioned three key policy priorities to avert global food insecurity:

  1. The agency asked the concerned officials to gather data regarding disasters and their impacts.
  2. Multi-sectoral and multi-hazard approaches should be adopted.
  3. Investment opportunities should be provided to enhance resilience. 





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