Chinese Teenager Found Alive After Cyber

2024-05-22 12:40:5592
Chinese Teenager Found Alive After Cyber-Kidnapping Scam
  • January 2, 2024
  • 2:30 PM CST
  • Jacob Mulli

A Chinese exchange student who went missing in Utah has been found alive by authorities.

The police found Mr. Kai Zhuang in the woods in a tent, but he was scared.

Chinese Teenager Found Alive After Cyber

The parents were allegedly demanded to pay $80,000 but the kidnapping turned out to be fake, as the 17-year-old boy was found in an isolated tent without anyone around. 

Cyber-Kidnapping Scam

The case followed a typical pattern for cyber-kidnapping, in which “kidnappers” tell a victim to isolate and provide pictures as if being held captive – photos that are then sent to the victim’s family to extort a payment.

The victims comply under the belief their family will otherwise be harmed.

Police Were Sure Kai Wasn’t Kidnapped

After looking into the bank details, purchases, and phone data, the police officials were sure that Kai wasn’t kidnapped but was part of the plan.

Kai found out that his parents had already paid the ransom to bank accounts in China.