Student Admits Threatening To Kill Republican Congressman 

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Student Admits Threatening To Kill Republican Congressman 
  • October 13, 2023
  • 10:00 AM CDT
  • Amy Mays

A 24-year-old student admitted to having threatened republican congressman Matt Gaetz.

The plea agreement mentioned that Allan Poller threatened to execute Matt Gaetz after watching videos on TikTok.

Student Admits Threatening To Kill Republican Congressman 

While authorities didn’t mention Gaetz directly in the documents, his office said he was the subject of intended violence.

Allan Poller

Poller Faces Charges

Poller is currently facing charges of threatening to harm a congress member, which can put Poller behind bars for five years.

The court documents obtained by CBS suggested a three-year probation sentence for Poller.

The BBC reported that Poller was charged with two counts, but one was dropped after the plea deal.

Poller threatened to kill Matt Gaetz.

Poller Threatened To Shoot Gaetz

Poller’s attorney, Jesse Friedman, admitted that his client did send the voicemail where he threatened to shoot Gaetz in the head.

Mr. Friedman reiterated that his client recognizes hate is wrong and didn’t intend to hurt the lawmaker.

“He accepts responsibility for his actions,” Mr. Fridman said.





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