Former Serial Killer Wife Tried For UK Student Murder

2024-06-25 10:21:3757
Former Serial Killer Wife Tried For UK Student Murder
  • November 28, 2023
  • 2:30 PM CST
  • Mairead Brooks

An ex-wife of a serial killer was tried in the UK for murdering a student. Monique Olivier, the ex-wife of infamous French serial killer Michel Fourniret, is on trial for her role in the 1990 murder of British student Joanna Parrish.

Murder of Student

Joanna Parrish, a Leeds University student, was found dead in 1990, near Auxerre, having been brutally beaten and raped. Monique Olivier faces charges linked to helping Fourniret kill Parrish and two additional murders, one involving a nine-year-old girl. Olivier’s trial in Nanterre provides a long-awaited opportunity for justice for Parrish’s family, after 3 decades.

Former Serial Killer Wife Tried For UK Student Murder

Olivier is The Key Suspect

The prosecutors argue that without the involvement of Oliver, the heinous crimes may never have occurred. “I regret everything that happened.” Olivier said in response to the judge’s question. The trial resurfaces haunting details of Fourniret and Olivier’s murderous spree, shedding light on a dark chapter in criminal history.





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