Angry Israeli MPs Shout Down Families of Hostages 

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Angry Israeli MPs Shout Down Families of Hostages 
  • November 21, 2023
  • 10:00 AM CST
  • Paul Cater

Family members of hostages taken by Hamas terrorists have been pleading with the Israeli government to free them.

In a meeting between Israeli politicians and family members of victims, the Knesset members shouted at the relatives of hostages held by terrorists.

Angry Israeli MPs Shout Down Families of Hostages 

The discussion revolved around legislation to impose the death penalty for terrorist kidnappers.

Bring Hostages Back

The family relatives stressed the MPs of the hardline Israeli government to bring their loved ones back immediately.

One man whose wife was abducted by Hamas on 7 October shouted at the MPs that they should stop talking about killing Arabs and focus on saving Israeli lives.

MPs Shout Back

In response, the Israeli MPs said the relatives were being exploited by terrorists and the citizens need to stop feeding the beasts.

Tzvika Foghel, an Israeli MP, said the legislation doesn’t contradict the government’s objective of bringing the hostages back.

“And anyone who tries to present it as a contradiction is someone who is trying to represent Hamas”, he said.