Meta Sued Over Addictive Features Harming Mental Health

2024-06-22 07:38:1724969
Meta Sued Over Addictive Features Harming Mental Health
  • October 25, 2023
  • 2:30 PM CDT
  • Dr. Rabia Khan

The New York and California states have sued Meta over deliberately designing the platforms addictive.

The federal lawsuit said Meta was harming young people and causing a mental health crisis.

Meta Sued Over Addictive Features Harming Mental Health

The lawsuit suggested holding the company accountable for the damage and deceptive conduct.

Meta Caused Mental Health Crisis

The lawsuit was signed by 33 attorneys generals who argued that the platform was harming youth.

More than eight other states also presented the same arguments against the company.

The lawsuit also claimed the platform was collecting data on children under the age of 13, breaching the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

Meta Says Its Disappointed

In response to the lawsuit, Meta said they were disappointed to hear about the lawsuit.

The company spokesperson said they were disappointed that instead of engaging the companies across the industry to create clear, age-appropriate standards, the attorneys general have filed a lawsuit.





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